Saturday, January 17, 2015

UPDATE: @NJCSA hires Darth Vader to suppress charter school study

The Empire Strikes Back

Last week I reported that, in what many feel is a blatant attempt to suppress first amendment rights, the New Jersey Charter Schools Association filed state ethics charges against Rutgers Professor Julia Sass Rubin after she and Rutgers doctoral student Mark Weber (aka. ed blogger Jersey Jazzman) released a study showing the glaring disparities in student populations between the state's charter and traditional public schools. 

Who did the NJCSA hire to file these charges and run the spin? Darth Vader. 

That's what the Center for Media and Democracy called Michael Turner, the ex-Bush and Christie PR hired gun that the NJ Charter Schools Association paid to attack Julia and Mark's research. 
They profile Turner's career as an employee of the MWW Group, a PR firm that brainstorms how to "discredit opposition" such as the Interfaith Community Organization, the Meadowlands Conservation Trust and the Hackensack Riverkeeper." 

Turner founded Burton Public Affairs in 2010. This is how he advertises his services:

"A lot of the clients who retain my services recognize its a must win situation and they are willing to compensate me well for my more aggressive practice of the art." (emphasis mine)
Because it's all about the some children, right?

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