Monday, April 21, 2014

Thank you

My blog hit a milestone this morning: it passed 10,000 hits, the last 1500 coming in the past 48 hours. And while Diane Ravitch can get that on an off day, I'm honored that that many people have stopped by my little corner of the universe in the month or so I've been doing this.

So, as long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing. My goals are to inform, to speak for those who can't afford to buy a seat at the table, to stand up for the little guy, to expose the lies, and to affect change.

To all my education readers: keep the faith. Diane Ravitch reminded me once when I was feeling particularly beaten down by all this insanity, "Remember, what they have in money, we have in numbers." That phrase and your struggles keep me moving forward.

I will leave you with this from one of my heros, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr...

And as always, "the opinions expressed here are strictly those of the person who gave them. Take what you like and leave the rest." ~ Anonymous