Saturday, February 21, 2015

My blog reaches a milestone

Dear Readers,

Thank you. At some point between yesterday and today, my blog passed the 100,000-views mark. I launched it on March 1, 2014 hoping it would add to the conversation about education 'reform' both in NJ and around the country. My primary goals have always been to educate the general public, and parents in particular, about the privatization of public education, and to give a voice to educators because the mainstream media has, for whatever reason, chosen not to. 

While 100,000 is nowhere near the same universe as Diane Ravitch, Anthony Cody or I'm sure my good buddies Jersey Jazzman and TeacherBiz, I had no expectations going in, so to reach this number in a little less than a year is humbling and gratifying.

So, thank you for all the shares, likes, re-tweets and whatever else you do on social media to spread the word. I truly appreciate all your support!